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Drafts and memes are on hold right now as I need to remake my Dany icons. Thankfully I don’t have to remake my Elsa ones cuz that would take forever and I would be in tears. But yeah. everyone that sent memes they’ll be done tonight or tomorrow morning. Basically soon.

Jul 24        



If it’s a chocolate covered strawberry, then I’m in.”

❝You’re going to ruin your teeth.❞

                     ❝Just try it Anna. It’s sweet, I promise.❞

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      Eyes closed upon the voice that carried; before Jack spun in his
      spot. There could have been a close by victim of his longer hair
      taking wind as he did so - but when did Jack ever seem to care?
      While Elsa wasn’t a bad person to come across, having some sort
      of obscurity would have been preferable.   

                  ❝And you my dear Queen show poise yet
                                 severally lack the mystery of obscurity.

Strides brought him to her side, an erratic gaze down
her person. Jack did appear somewhat cleaned up for
this event; yet the lingering scent of sea and sweat were
only masked by what was surely stolen sandalwood cologne.

                 ❝Lovely as ever — try not to fawn over one such as meself.❞      

⊰ ❆ ░░░  dronning ⊱ 

                                                           ❝Oh yes, we wouldn’t want people knowing
                                                                    exactly who you are.❞  

       Amusement sparkled in her crystalline eyes as she walked over to the
       pirate and kissed his cheek. If there was one person outside her family
       that she was close to, it was Jack. In fact, she considered him family
       at this point. 

                                  ❝Oh don’t flatter yourself too much, Jack.
  You might not fit your head through the doors.❞

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She knew he could see everything.

She just didn’t care.

She was his.

In the end I chose watercolour for this artwork. Based on this by simplifiedwords.  

Ain creates the best Helsa MMDs out there I swear.

Here’s what happened to Hans afterwards:

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to do: 

  • remake dany icons because the ones i made just went poof fml
  • drafts woooo drafts!
  • refill the queue

Jul 24        



    At least someone spoke; Valka worried for a
   moment that her mindless statement would go
   unnoticed. Not that she wished to draw attention
   to herself, but a variation of discussion would
   be welcoming.

Fear subsided  -  replaced with the thrill of
vibrating excitement. Talking to someone
new; this was beyond her expectations.

❝Good to know!❞ 
            Try as she may, her voice sounded shaky. 

                      ❝Would hate for the evening to be ruined.. ❞  


⊰ ❆ ░░░  dronning ⊱ 

       While she did her best to sound confident, to sound like the Queen she was,
       Elsa was still nervous. But thankfully, her powers stayed calm, lurking in her 
       veins and attempting to sooth her instead of lashing out. With the keys to freedom
       in the palm of her hands, she and the Winter in her veins cooperated with each
       other much more easily. While she still lacked full control at times, at least she had
       control and her powers didn’t run as wild as it once did.

A complete and utter miracle.

       She paused for a second as she took note
       of the other woman’s nervousness. Was this
       her first time coming to something such as this?
       Or was she like Elsa, not used to large groups of 

                            ❝Let us hope then, that the Lannisters have something in
                              store for us. From the balls that I have gone to, there is always
                              something dramatic that will occur that has guests talking about
                              it for days. Weeks.

She should know. People still talk about her
coronation ball.

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                                   ’ I, uhm me?
                                     No, I just, well,
                                     people  humans,
                                     they …  they …  ‘


⊰ ❆ ░░░ hiemis ⊱

            ❝You can tell me.
              What’s wrong?❞

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what the hell did they do to kristoff who is this short haired imposter im boycotting once upon a time until they replace him with the dimples face character from disney world okay

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» } —— “I find that very hard to believe.”

          She stressed the word ‘very’, a pause before and after the word. Lilith tilted her head to the side slightly, her eyes searching the others, looking for a sign she was lying, not telling the truth.


⊰ ❆ ░░░  vinteren heks ⊱

      ❝And why is it difficult to believe? Does everyone believe
        that I am that cruel? That my heart is frozen because of the
        Winter that runs through my veins?❞

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last-crown-of-lucis asked //Hey. I know we've never spoke before but I read your personal post and I just wanted to say that I can't understand why more people don't appreciate you openly. I, myself have always admired you - your writing is flawless, your replies are always so intricate and interesting and you genuinely understand Elsa wholly. Your dedication to your muse is completely inspiring and I just wanted to let you know. I had always wanted to roleplay with you- I feel like our muses are very similar in my ways.


I’m really trying to not tear up right now because my heart is just exploding right now. I keep repeating to myself that I shouldn’t compare myself to others, that I should keep writing how I want to write, keep playing Elsa how I want to play her. But it can be difficult at times and sometimes I just crave appreciation you know?

I know it’s selfish of me and that I should just be happy with everything going on, but it would be nice to be appreciated every so often. To feel wanted.

I honestly want to thank you for your kind words because you have no idea how much I needed to hear them. Well, read them. This is so helpful and it warms my heart and just makes me smile. So thank you. 

Jul 24        
Anonymous asked I don't roleplay with you because of nothing you've done, don't worry. It's more of a, "I-don't-see-our-characters-interacting" thing, than an "I-don't like-you" thing.
meme - accepting 

⊰ Kᴀɪsᴇʀɪɴ ⊱ Completely understandable. There are just some characters that it’s difficult to see how they will interact and such :)

Jul 24        



     {❖} - The man wandered around the room, greeting those around him with a slight smile on his face. It truly was a spectacle unlike any he had seen prior to this event. Beautiful forms dancing about the ballroom and faceless elegance conversing on the sides.

It was a moment before he pulled himself back from the wonder he felt from the evening, noticing only then that he had found himself by one of these masked strangers. She spoke with such purpose and poise, this was a noblewoman used to such affairs.

               ”Well perhaps it could be the standing alone and letting the night go on in front of you without taking part?”

A gentle smile crossed his face, and he gave a slight bow. Though he couldn’t deny the same feeling creeping into his mind as well. The evening just seemed to lack a certain spark to it.

⊰ ❆ ░░░  dronning ⊱ 

          The young Queen truly did not expect anyone to answer her random babbling. It was a habit she developed during her isolation. Anna had her paintings and toys, Elsa had her own shadow. When she wasn’t with her tutors or her parents — which wasn’t all that often as she was with her tutors the majority of the day —, she was alone reading books and conversing with he own shadow. Sometimes, she would read aloud, hoping to fill the silence and the void around her. At times, it helped. 

          It helped a lot more than she originally thought.

          So to hear someone reply caused a grin to adorn her face. It was utter relief ; another confirmation that she was, indeed, free of her prison. 

          Elsa turned her head towards the man, a smirk on her face. Her head bobbed as she acknowledged his slight bow. Twin sapphires sparkled as she spoke, her voice dripping with absolute excitement.  

         ❝Or perhaps, I was taking everything in first before I took part. Observing the people if you like. For example,❞ she gestured to the couple in the jade green masks. ❝The couple over there spent the last five minutes arguing over whether or not the wine is less than par.

                  — —- The dark haired woman with the crooked nose has
                    spent the last ten minutes trying to eat as many of the
                    shrimp cocktails as she can.

   But even with examples such as this, the festivities lack a certain

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