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Aug 1        


"Same as always. Making amends, give him a chance to make things right,"
Loki shrugged. “That rubbish. I don’t buy it, of course. If he can’t
get a job through nepotism, why come to the brother-in-law of the
girl whose life he nearly ruined? I told him if he called again, I was going to
take things up with the CEO of Westergard Enterprises.”

Kenna started smacking her snowman against his leg, changing the tune
every time. “Princess, Papa wants to hear what Mama’s saying, okay?

      A smirk appeared on her lips as she watched Kenna look up at her father before smacking his leg with her toy one more time. Giggles echoed around the room as their mischievous child brought the snowman closer to her chest and hugged it tight. 

     ❝Kenna, my love, don’t antagonize your father,❞ she whispered, gently poking the baby’s nose. ❝For someone so cute, you like to push people’s buttons.❞

      ❝Honestly, the only person he should be apologizing to is Anna. But she refuses to listen to him, so he tries to turn to us. But everyone knows he will never be apologetic. He knows it too, but he has to try.❞

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"I wish I could say the same," Loki complained, resting his head on top of hers.
"I was on the phone for three hours with someone neither of us were hoping
to hear from again.”

He started playing with Kenna’s white booted feet. “Remember your Auntie
Anna’s ex-boyfriend, princess? Daddy had to talk to him, even though
he’s a pain riiiight here.” He moved his hand to pinch Kenna’s bottom.
The little girl squealed again. “Sorry, princess.”

       Kenna began to squirm in her arms, so Elsa readjusted her hold on the little brunette, not wanting her to fall. Noticing how she reached out for her toy, the blonde leaned forward to grab it before handing it to her. The moment Kenna had the snowman in her hand, she began to press the buttons, causing the toy to play music. 

       ❝What did he want this time?❞

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⊰ ❆ ░░░  dronning ⊱ 

               ❝If it makes you feel better, one time, I was trying to
                 put shoes on in the dark and I didn’t realize that I ended
                 putting on two different color shoes. One was this bright
                 emerald and the other was azure.

— —- I didn’t notice until after I was standing waiting for
   the delegates.❞ 

Jul 31        


"Oh, look at that, she takes after her mother," Loki grinned,
coming over to sit beside them and poke his daughter on the nose.
Tror ikke du, snø princesse?”

Kenna squealed, hitting his hand with the teething ring before sticking
it back in her mouth. Loki chuckled, wrapping an arm around his wife
and kissing her forehead. “Work treating you alright, elskling?

          Watching Kenna and Loki always brought a silly grin to her face. There was a part of her that wanted to lift her hand so she can pinch her other arm to make sure this wasn’t a dream. Even after all these years, she still found it difficult that she had happiness in her grasp. 

          ❝It was a busier day than normal.
                      Let’s just say I was glad it was short and that I wasn’t separated
                      from Kenna for too long.❞

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theicequeenelsa asked I just wanted to say that I really envy your Elsa and RPing skills and my name is also Veronica so hi lol but yes your Elsa is amazing and you're fantastic bye

⊰ Kᴀɪsᴇʀɪɴ ⊱ Um thank you! Definitely appreciate the last part of this! Warms my heart and makes me grin like a dork! However, don’t be envious of me in anyway! It sort of makes me uncomfortable to be honest. Maybe you wanted to use a different word?

Either way, remember that we are all at an equal playing field here. Sure, maybe some people write better ; some people get their character better than others. However, we are all human beings who write because we love to write. We are all human beings who love the characters we play and do our best to bring them to life.

I know I’m here to write, to tell Elsa’s story and bring her to life. I am sure every other roleplayer will tell you the same. While some might be okay with being called senpai and such, I know I can speak for a few of my friends that it can be an uncomfortable thought. I feel like the moment anyone calls someone senpai or tells a roleplayer that they are envious of them (or something along those lines), that person makes the roleplayer sort of seem unreachable? It can put a barrier between people and that’s not something any roleplayer wants. I certainly don’t want that. 

Seriously, Veronica. Remember that you are awesome and fabulous!

Jul 31        

                          ι αм ѕυcн α ƒσσℓ ι cαη’т вє ƒяєє

                                     Elsa. Empress of ice & snow. Winter’s child.
                                     Winter in the flesh. Queen of Arendelle. Sister 
                                     to Princess Anna. More than what she seems.
Lover. Fighter. Mother. 
Heart of a Queen. 
Stomach of a King.  

                   Bᴏʀɴ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ. Sᴏ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ᴛʜᴇ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ

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independent queen elsa rp blog from disney’s frozen. private.      chats, scripts, paras & 
blog established 23rd aug 2013. default verse is post-movie        novellas all welcomed !!!
however, plenty of verses available to use !!!multi-verse &           plotting always encouraged
multi-ship. chemistry first & foremost.                                          but go where the muse goes
                                               written by: veronica 

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continued from x

"Kenna, here." He passed the little girl her snowflake teething ring,
smiling indulgently as she squealed and immediately stuck it in her mouth.

"There we are, princess, that makes Papa and Mama very happy."

      ❝You know she’s going to throw this on the ground again.❞ 

      As she spoke, she leaned down and kissed Kenna’s head again. She readjusted her hold around her daughter, bringing her closer to her as she relaxed back onto the couch. Thankfully, Kenna was enjoying the coldness of the teething ring far too much to throw it onto the floor as Elsa predicted.

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░ || ░ } } - -


           Hana shook her head slightly,
           giving a small smile in return.

          “It’s only a small step in what I feel
           must be a  l o n g   r o a d 
           the isles must take to truly make
           amends for what my brother did to
           both you and your sister.”

                      The princess was the picture
                      of regret, modest and mild, 
                      all to balance the image her
                      dearest twin had so wonderfully
                      created of their family.
                      Initially Hana had been wary of
                      the queen’s wrath - - - 
                      surely she would project
                      some of her umbrage towards
                      Hans upon his sister ?

                      But no, Elsa was the paragon
                      of grace,  b e n e v o l e n c e .

           But the news of Ivar’s insistence
           for Hans’ execution was new for Hana,
           the detail withheld from the only sibling
           who cared for the youngest Westergaard
           son. She quickly kept the storm of betrayal
           tightly reined in; thank the gods Elsa had not
           felt the need for Hammurabi’s Code.

                      “Your forbearance is truly a testament
                        to the tales of your integrity, Queen
                        Elsa. I … on behalf of my twin

                                            - - - name still possibly 
                                                     T A B O O - - - 

                      I must express my sincerest
                      gratitude. It seems we’ve
                      delved ourselves deeper into
                      your debt.

⊰ ❆ ░░░ dronning ⊱

      Inexperienced as she was with people, Elsa had an ability to read people.
      While it was not as sharp as she would hope, it was sharp enough that she
      knew she surprised the princess. This only made her wonder ; how many
      more secrets were Princess Hana’s brothers keeping from her? From all of them?
      She could see just how much Hana cared for Hans and that alone made her
      want to try to make things better for her, for both siblings.

Some would say she is being too kind ; that her heart would
be her downfall. But just because she was Queen —- the Snow Queen —-
does not mean she could not have a heart. She empathized with
the princess before her.

               ❝You do not owe me anything, Princess Hana.
       I do, after all, owe your brother a debt as well. He saved
       my life.❞


                              ❝Your brother, while he wronged my sister and I,
                                 does not deserve death. How will death right a

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Anonymous asked It's very sad that there's like 99,9% of chance that hanna will end up having more chemistry than kristanna


the entire thing is set AFTER the events of frozen so the only chemistry anna and hans will have is anna wanting to punch the little fucker in the face again

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{nixreginam }


         She had promised herself she wouldn’t fidget during this,
         but it was quite a change from the usual dinners she had
         with Maleficent and Diaval. Those usually devolved into
         throwing berries at each other, or they would lounge and
         eat whenever they felt like. But a dinner party? Vastly different.
         She glanced over to Elsa beside her and smiled slightly.
         ”Are they usually this formal and quiet?”

⊰ ❆ ░░░  dronning ⊱ 

      Dinners with her family were interesting to say the least. Most days, it was just
      her, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf. Sometimes, Kai would join them, as would Gerda.
      And in those dinners, the room was filled with laughter, corny jokes, snark, and
      was everything family dinners should be. However, when they had to entertain
      guests, usually it was just her, Anna, and Kristoff and things were much more 
      formal. At least at first. She and Anna had a way of working together to make things
      less formal for Kristoff’s sake.

However, this time, with Kristoff up in the mountains with Sven
and considering the fact they were also playing host to their rather
severe uncle, Anna & Elsa were on their best behavior.
At least for now

                ❝No, I can assure you that dinners here are rather boisterous usually. 
                  My sister and I promised each other that we would attempt to be on
                  our best behavior as to not offend you or our uncle.❞

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georgina haig as elsa | ouat episode stills, season 4 premiere

Jul 31   via      276
Once Upon A Time Season 4: Georgina Haig as Elsa

Jul 31   via      790

Anna being her adorable self & trying on my hat.

Walt Disney World: July 2014

Jul 31         7