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Now, Elsa knew she was going to give Anna the skeleton key for a long time now. It was her way of saying that, even if the door was locked, she would always be welcomed into her bedroom and study. But she wanted to give her something else as well. It was her way of making up for all the other Christmases (although she knew she would have to make it up for the next few years). 

And she came up with the silver bracelet. It was beautiful on its own, but she felt it needed something else. So what did she do? She had it engraved so it would say, “I’ll always want to build a snowman.” 

"Merry Christmas Anna!" Elsa handed her the two gifts after hugging her tight. She waited until she opened the key before she spoke again. "It’s a skeleton key. It’ll open every door in the palace, including my bedroom and my study. So if it’s locked and you knock and I don’t answer, you can use this to unlock the door, within reason of course."

"I know this hardly makes up for what I did to you, but I hope it’s a start."

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daughter & empress of winter
Elsa. Queen. Sister. Winter's Child. Winter Herself. Born with the power of ice and snow. A goddess amongst mortals.

She was a summer child born with winter in her veins. Most of her life, darkness & fear were her companions. However, it was not always thus. Before the darkness & loneliness & fear, she was a happy child. She was bright eyed, blissful, ɪɴɴᴏᴄᴇɴᴛ. A beautiful little Queen through and through, she lived peacefully with her loving parents and adorable little sister.

But F A T E stepped in and took her happiness and innocence away from her. The summer child with winter in her veins was pushed into the darkness. For thirteen years, she lived thus, yearning for the light and hoping that someday, she would be FREE. However, time rots everything, even hope. And as her hope slowly died, her powers seemed to grow stronger and stronger.

Time passed and the little Queen grew. Her beauty drew in all, but her aura pushed them away.

❝Stay away!❞ she cried to all. ❝I don't want to hurt you.❞

Years passed and her yearning for touch, for freedom, only GREW. But those were not the only things that grew. Her power began to g r o w as well. And then, one day, she let it go. Eternal winter fell upon the kingdom the day she was crowned Q U E E N.

But through the powerful magic that is known as LOVE, the curse was lifted and the kingdom was thawed. After all love will thaw a frozen heart.

Now a Queen, she longs to fullfill her dream of bringing a golden era to her kingdom. She has been preparing for this day for years. This dream is the reason why she never lost her mind. This dream gave her hope. Years and years of tutoring, of lessons, of reading are now being put to use. However, life is a struggle and the struggles she faces are many.

And now she asks herself, ❝Can I truly fulfill my dream and be there for my sister? Can I do everything perfectly or close to perfection that I won't just be remembered as the Queen who froze her kingdom? I don't want to be that Queen. I want to be THE Queen.❞

Her name is Queen Elsa. And this is her story.